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Shri Alapati Ramachandra Rao Out of Love & Bakthi had written a song Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu in the name of our Goddess which later had been composed into a fine song by his younger generation Completely dedicating it to Ambica Devi & her Devotees through out The World.


Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu Track1
Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu Track2
Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu Track3
Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu Track4
Ambica Hirthaya Kusumalu Track5
Ambica Ragamalika Track1
Ambica Ragamalika Track2
Ambica Ragamalika Track3
Ambica Ragamalika Track4
Ambica Ragamalika Track5
Ambica Ragamalika Track6
Ambica Ragamalika Track7
Ambica Ragamalika Track8
Ambica Ragamalika Track9
Ambica Ragamalika Track10
Ambica Ragamalika Track11
Varshikotsam- February
Srirama Navami-March
Hanuman Jeyanthi- March to April
Dasara Festival- October
Hanuman Vritham-November
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5.00am -12.00 Noon
5.00pm – 9.00pm